3 Reasons to Have a Summer Kitchen.

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Getting family and friends together during the summer for a cookout is a lot of fun. There’s always work that goes into it but it always ends up being worth it and everyone usually still has a great time. But what’s better than grilling on the patio? Having your own summer, or outdoor, kitchen! Here you will see 3 top benefits to having a summer kitchen and hopefully convince you to start having more cookouts!

1. It’s a money saver. You would think that with two kitchens, one indoors and one outdoors, that it would cost more money to run it all. Contrary to that, have you ever cooked a pot roast in the oven on a summer day where it’s 90+ degrees outside? You probably had to turn down that a/c a couple notches. That’s where that power bill can do some damage. If you’re using an outdoor kitchen, using a stove outside where it’s already hot isn’t going to end in a surge in the electrical bill because you’re trying to balance comfortable temperatures. Cooking outside eliminates that issues and allows you to come back inside and eat in a perfect temperature room.

2. More flavor and fewer leftover smells! Cooking outside can result in preparing slightly different than you would inside. By that I mean the grill will be used a lot more, and if you have a smoker than that can be used just as much! This type of cooking always keeps the flavoring or adds even more to whatever you decide to cook. Same goes for those lingering smells from cooking, especially something like fish. With a summer kitchen, those smells rolled right out into the open world and carried off by the wind instead of sticking to your walls and every piece of furniture within a 5-foot radius of the stovetop.

3. It gives you another living area as well as adds resale value to your home! Having a summer kitchen installed will more than likely include a dining table and a few chairs throughout the space. This inviting area could end up being a new hub to sit and have a few drinks and snacks, or simply just a comfortable outdoor area to enjoy when you don’t feel like being indoors anymore. And if you ever decide to sell your home, having this added on room is a massive boost for your home’s attention. This can add on quite a few extra dollars when the sale is said and done since a summer kitchen is not exactly the norm (yet, anyway!).

Summer kitchens in Florida could be the next big thing, and it looks well on it’s way to being so! It’s a brilliant decision if you’ve ever experienced a summer here in Florida. Save on your power bill, have tastier food, enjoy other’s company in a new room, and make money off it if you ever decide to sell. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful summer kitchen!

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