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Landscape, Pool, Patio, and Screen Room Lighting Ideas

Nothing adds beauty and atmosphere to your yard and outdoor living space like the proper lighting. The right landscape and pool lighting can turn your home into a showplace in the evening while enhancing safety and security. With thoughtful design, you’ll create a warm, safe, and inviting atmosphere. Many people just want to create a beautiful setting around their pool. But you can dramatically transform your entire yard into a pleasant and attractive space with strategic lighting.

For safety reasons, most people start with the pool and surrounding areas. It’s important to illuminate the perimeter of your pool from all angles. Lighting experts generally use two different types of lighting: spot and ambient. The term spot simply means to focus a beam of light onto a specific area or object. It’s the direct light you light things with, such as yard lights. Ambient refers to the effect of light coming from all directions, illuminating a scene with a more diffused tone. In this case, the lighting is what illuminates the area, but it’s not actually shining a beam directly at anything.

While the main reason to light the pool area is to prevent accidents, pool lights are also used to highlight water features, such as fountains and waterfalls. When it comes to lighting the pool itself, underwater illumination can produce a magical display of color and ambiance. You can change the mood by changing color and intensity any time you want.

You’ll have to give some thought to the most pleasing way to light up the deck or screen room. There should be plenty of soft ambient lighting to create a calming, relaxed atmosphere.

You can illuminate the borders of your landscaped areas to highlight them and make them more attractive. The idea is to use landscape lighting to make your yard more beautiful, dramatic, and appealing. In addition to helping you see where you are walking at night, lighting paths and walkways can be pleasing to the eye. Using the right spotlights on trunks and branches of certain trees and ornamental plants can have an elegant effect. Your driveway and approaches to your property should be well-lit for safety and security and can be done in attractive ways.

Landscape lighting designers can now create outdoor spaces with unique, distinctive lighting. LED technology is changing the face of outdoor lighting design by saving energy and allowing designers to create a “wow” factor that impresses homeowners, landscapers, and lighting enthusiasts.  With the right design and engineering expertise, your new outdoor lighting will provide you with a beautiful and functional, safe warm glow for years to come.