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With pool tile choices ranging from vibrant colors and textures of natural desert vistas to shining jeweled tones reminiscent of the South Seas, it is easy to transform your pool from average and ordinary to the paradise oasis you seek.

When deciding which possibilities and options work best for your pool, be sure to keep an open mind and inspect the tile samples in natural sunlight to gain an accurate perspective of how the sun, water, and shade will play off your tile’s natural texture and hue.

Pool Tile Ideas

Tile options vary from domestic tile products to tile imported from Italy, the South Seas, or the Orient and include several different styles:

Mosaic Tiles

These gorgeous shimmering tiles give your pool a tropical feel, especially when choosing a color like turquoise or blue. Each tile sparkles differently in the sun, creating a sparkling effect that will transform your pool into a paradise. 

Decorative Tile

If you are going for a more modern look, consider decorative tile. They come in every style and color imaginable and are super easy to clean and maintain.

Stone-look Tiles

Stones are stunning in and around an outdoor pool setting. It can even give the illusion of being part of the natural landscape. The problem with authentic stones is that they are porous and not the ideal material to use in this application. However, there are plenty of options of titles that have the appearance and feel of stone but are east to maintain.

It’s super easy to give your backyard pool an instant and transformative makeover that will change the way you feel about your pool forever!