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In Florida, pools are popular for many reasons. Who wouldn’t want a refreshing paradise in their backyard? Every year brings new trends to the swimming pool and spa industry. Whether you are in the market to purchase a new pool, update your existing one, or just window shopping, it is always a good idea to be up to date in the latest designs.

These new pools trends are just what you need to cool down on a sizzling hot Florida day:

Rectangle and straight lines are back

In years past round was all the rage giving rise to the oval and kidney bean-shaped pools. Now straight clean lines are back in with a new elegance that offers a modern twist to the classic rectangle, with flagstone, rock, and other stunning materials.

Getting back to nature

Many people have wonderful memories of swimming in natural springs, lakes, and rivers as a kid. Now you bring that same element to your backyard with a natural swimming pool. These pools require more upkeep that involves filtering the water with plants instead of chemicals. The reward is terrific if you want to get back to nature! 

LED lighting possibilities 

With today’s lighting technology, the sky is the limit when it comes to lighting up your pool at night. Swim under the stars in your underwater universe. The possibilities are endless, and creativity knows no bounds with LED lights for your pool and outdoor areas. There are even smart lights you can control with your phone to get the optimum futuristic lighting effects. 

Barstools and ledges

The pools of today are a place of socializing and relaxing. Many pools have become more shallow and even added ledges for sunbathing. Homeowners and resorts are equipping their pools with barstools and even built-in bars for quenching your thirst on a hot day as you play in the water. 

New Technology

It is the year 2020, and you bet there are new technologies to make swimming pools and spas even better, safer, and more enjoyable. New automatic smart pool filtration systems are helping homeowners keep the energy cost down and use fewer chemicals to make their pools cleaner and safer than ever. With solar panels becoming more affordable, enjoying a warm swim on a cool day is a breeze and makes pool season a year-round event. 

If you are ready to update your pool or spa or are in would like to have a beautiful new pool installed in your backyard, contact Premier Pool and Spa. We are ready to create the perfect backyard oasis for your home!