pool a good investment

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It’s starting to look a lot like summertime. Schools are beginning to let out for the season, and the temperatures are rising. If you have kids, that means you’re probably going to take the crew out to the local pool or even enjoy the pool in your backyard often. Whether you own the pool or you’re just visiting one, it’s essential to keep your children safe at the pool. Here are a few top tips to make sure you take the most precaution in the water this summer. 

  • Take a CPR class! It’s essential to have this type of information for a bevy of reasons, but it’s especially helpful if your little one accidentally swallowed too much water and isn’t breathing right and unresponsive.  It is possible to attend these classes at local hospitals and even teach your children how to do CPR as well. 
  • Use the buddy system! Never allow your child to swim alone. Always have some adult supervision. This is probably the most critical and prominent rule. Another child cannot correctly watch your child in the water, so if you’re not swimming with them, you need to be right next to the pool and to pay attention to them.
  • Make sure your child knows basic swimming techniques. Many local pools hold classes for moms and kids who are looking to learn how to swim. One of the primary keys to staying safe in the pool is learning how to control your body in the water and not panic when you find yourself in the deep end. 
  • If you own a pool, make sure to use an enclosure when not swimming. Closing off the pool when small children are present and not swimming is necessary. This ensures that there will be no accidental fall ins when the adults are talking outdoors. Also, make sure all patio doors are locked when not in use. This will keep the little ones from sneaking out to the pool so quickly. 

Make sure to beat the heat this summer with a refreshing and safe dip in the pool with the whole family!