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Hot tubs and home spas can bring back waves of nostalgia for those that grew up in their heyday decades ago. They were a huge success and have remained in modern times. The best part about hot tubs and spas remaining relevant is that they’ve adapted with the future and all the new technological discoveries that come with it. So as we go into the later months of 2019, what are some of the latest hot tub and spa technologies available today?

  • New smart hot tubs are much more energy-efficient than an old fashioned home spa. Nowadays, no one is looking to waste energy in their homes, so the more efficient a product is, the better it will be for your home. What makes the newer models, so energy efficient is improved installation, heaters, and pumps — lower wattages on the heaters and dense insulation with no gaps for heat to escape.
  • Smart water systems are designed to keep your spa water crystal clear no matter what time of year. Specific models keep cleaning simple and easy with self-regulated chlorine release. Along with this, there is a bromine system that can be added to combat that strong chlorine odor and keep you from doing daily cleanings.
  • Hot tubs have become more comfort-driven, making its inhabitants never want to step out. Massaging jets in new models are placed strategically to help in situations like home therapy, where a hot tub is required for a patient’s healing. Some models also come with specific tub attachments for your feet or handicapable options are well.
  • Hook your hot tub up to your smartphone or tablet! You can control the settings of your home spa’s water temperature with the ease of an app. This can also help keep an eye on needed maintenance or just merely locking and unlocking the cover for your smart spa.

With these technological advances for hot tubs and home spas, it’s easy to make anyone want to add it to their home. More advances are being made every day on the hydrotherapy aspect of home spas; the same goes for those who want a little relaxation and comfort at home. The allure of the hot tub is here to stay.