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Just as there are few things as refreshing as a dip in the pool during a hot day, the atmosphere, aura, and ambiance of a superbly lit, night time pool are unbeatable. Proper pool lighting is also an essential factor in providing safety.

The future of pool lighting is here – in the form of LED pool lighting. These light emitting diodes that are already taking the world by storm in automotive lighting, accent lighting, and traffic lights have now found their way into creating the perfect atmosphere in our pools.

Some benefits to LED Pool Lights include:

  • Significantly lower energy consumption than standard pool lighting
  • Significantly longer LED bulb lifespan
  • Deeper, more vibrant and brighter colors than typical pool lighting
  • Programmable, colorful and dramatic light shows
  • Significantly lower maintenance need than standard pool lighting

With reducing carbon footprints and energy consumption at the forefront of people’s minds these days, eco-friendly pools will always include LED pool lights. LED lighting for pools commonly uses 85% less electricity than standard pool lights. LED lights run cooler than regular lights and have no moving parts – unlike color wheel type lights found in less modern lighting options. Additionally, LED lights are much lower maintenance. Standard R-40 bulbs are rated for 1000 hours of use, whereas new pool LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours!

Not sure you’re ready to make the complete switch? There are other options! Instead of replacing your entire pool light lamp, add color, fun and energy savings LED pool lighting offers by just switching out the bulbs in your existing pool lights. Color Splash LED bulbs retrofit into a most conventional pool light housings. Just screw your new LED bulb into the current light house, tighten up the lens to the lamp body, and replace the light gasket for added water protection.

Even if you operated your LED light bulb for 12 full hours per day, seven days a week – it could last as long as 12 years! LED pool lighting saves money, reduces maintenance and provides you with a deep, vibrant color that incandescent bulbs or lens covers can’t duplicate.

If you are interested in getting LED lighting installed in your pool contact Premier Pool Contractor.