Keep mosquitoes away while enjoying your pool

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One thing there’s no shortage in Florida is the mosquito. So, how can you beat the mosquitos back and enjoy relaxing by the pool? Here are some tips from the pros:

Purchase a waterproof mosquito repellent and apply it to your skin before swimming.

Long-lasting formulas containing DEET or picaridin are best. While homemade or natural repellants containing lemon oil or eucalyptus also work, they must often be re-applied to maintain their effectiveness.

Keep several citronella candles on hand.

Citronella is a natural mosquito repellent. Several candles placed around the swimming area in areas that are hard to reach for children and pets will add additional protection. 

Plant mosquito repelling plants.

A little-known fact about those pesky mosquitoes is that there are individual plants that they can’t stand. Foliage like citronella grass, catnip, vanilla leaf, and sagebrush, are living mosquito repellants and will look great around your pool!

Get rid of standing water.

Old or stagnant water is a mosquito haven. Be sure to dump water out of the kids’ pool toys or rafts and let them dry in the sun before putting them away. Also, check around the perimeter of your home for any water that might have been left standing after a rainstorm. These areas are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and need to be addressed as soon as they’re discovered.

Be conscious of the time.

Mosquitoes favorite “feeding” time seems to be at the times of day with the least exposure to the sun. So, while you might not need sunscreen to swim at dawn or dusk, you’ll need to be protected from the mosquitoes.