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The weather is too hot to enjoy your lanai, and the ceiling fan just isn’t cutting it. Rather than spend the entire season in air conditioning, get back outside with a misting fan, which significantly decreases temperatures in a given area. Flash evaporation lowers the temperature by as much as 20 degrees! 

How It Works

Misting fans work using convection, conduction, and evaporation.

Convection is the removal of heat from a surface by air currents. Breezy air flowing along your skin carries off some of your body heat. All fans work by convection, and they help as long as the air is cooler than our body temperature. 

Conduction is the direct temperature transfer that happens when you’re in contact with something like water. Each tiny drop from a misting fan rapidly transfers its chilliness to your skin since water conducts temperature 25 times more effectively than air. 

Evaporation is the heart of the misting fan’s success. When water evaporates, individual H2O molecules are breaking free of the connected mass of liquid and drifting off into the air. For the molecules to separate, they need quite a lot of heat energy, and they take that heat from whatever’s nearest. These molecules use your body heat to transform themselves into water vapor. As they remove that heat from your skin, it results in cooling you down.

Eco, Health & Wallet-Friendly

Mist is incredibly effective at cleaning smog and contaminants from the air. You’ll benefit from the vastly improved air quality that a portable misting system offers. They are far less expensive than air conditioning, energy-efficient, and they don’t dehydrate your skin.

Misting fans are an effective cooling option, portable, easy to use, and best of all – they let you enjoy your backyard again!