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Smart Technology and Pool Care

The future of pool maintenance and monitoring is here. Smart pool and hot tub controls allow you to monitor and control your pool or hot tub remotely. See who’s in the pool on your phone when you’re away from home. Set your pool to the perfect temperature from your office desk. And it isn’t even just monitoring – smart pool and hot tub controls make it easier to maintain your pool.

The most basic smart pool and hot tub controls include apps that allow you to monitor the water temperature and quality. Using these apps, you can see what is happening when you’re not around. For example, if the water temperature in the spa is too high, you will be able to detect the issue before it becomes a problem.

Wireless pool and spa control systems can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. They can connect to your phone, tablet, or computer. The most common feature available to most systems today is that you can track the levels of chemicals in the pool or spa. Some systems will automatically dispense chemicals based on the amount of usage. Some systems offer UV sterilization, which helps to prevent algae growth. A smart pool app can give users control over their lights, pumps, and heating systems.

One of the benefits of smart pool control systems is the ability to access them from anywhere. So if you’re on vacation, you can monitor your pool from your phone or laptop. You will be able to see everything that needs to get done and even schedule when you want these jobs done. Pool and spa control systems are a smart way to make your life easier while saving you money and avoiding unnecessary hassles. 

If you use a pool or spa service, they too can view water quality data from the pool and spa in real-time. They can adjust their maintenance schedules according to the data they are monitoring in the app.

The Smart pool and spa control systems available at Premier Pool Contractor are easy to install, easy to use, and easy on the wallet. We have everything you need to keep your pool and spa in top shape, in one place. If you have any questions about what system is right for you, contact us today and let us help you make the best decision.